new year

3 Ways to Rebound in a New Year

2022 is shaping up to be a year of light if churches are willing to embrace the new realities set before them.
loving people like jesus

Four Obstacles to Loving People Like Jesus Did

Jesus saw every obstacle as a unique opportunity to love someone intentionally, and when he did this Jesus changed the world one at a time.
church revitalization

Leading Your Church into an Era of Renewed Optimism

If God can save any person, he can save any church.
church resiliency

Investing in Hope

What are the signs a congregation has more energy dedicated to hope than just survival?
power dynamic in church

Shifting the Power Dynamics in the Church

Power lies not in the pastors' hands but with the laypeople the pastor is called to oversee.
frustrated in his leadership

Overcoming Frustration in Ministry

How many times have you acted out of frustration, and thus hindered God's best for your ministry?
flourishing pastor

Am I Being Well Led?

How Psalm 23 Shows Pastors Ways to Shepherd Their People
church revitalization

Overcoming Landmines in Ministry

If you keep your chin up and knees down, God will help you turn around his church.
the loneliness epidemic

Loneliness and the Church

What Americans of every stripe experienced combines several factors that contribute to loneliness.
chasing the wind

Holy Moments

To be a Minister of Word and Sacrament means to pay attention, to be observant, to find the holy, not only in the night sky but also in the everyday.