pastoral health

Radical Rest

Permit yourself to disconnect to reconnect to Christ.
goals and prioritiesvideo

Why Make a Schedule as a Ministry Professional?

The ins and outs of planning your week of ministry
missional engagement

Answering the Call

Jesus is knocking on the hearts of his church to see if they will become what he desires for them to be in this season of ministry.
expectation reset

Resetting Your Expectations

If we see Jesus' current work disconnected from our expectations based on the biblical record, our faith and ability to lead can be crippled.
ministry success

3 Steps to Future Ministry Success

Adapt your current style of ministry to fit the God-size dream inside of you.
inspirational leadership

The Power of Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational leadership is not just one key among many; it is the key that turns the other keys.
pleasing godvideo

Pleasing God or Pleasing People

Overcoming the drive toward people-pleasing as a pastor

What You Need to Know About 501(c)(3) Compliance

What could be at stake if you don't comply with the IRS' requirements for tax-exempt churches?
good plan

Trading in a Dream for a Vision

A good plan feeds the leader's courage to leave the safe harbor and begin to discover and explore.
missional service

Reshaping Your Missional Vision

Reshaping the vision of missions from the pulpit to the pew is all about living a life surrendered to God's will.