good plan

Trading in a Dream for a Vision

A good plan feeds the leader's courage to leave the safe harbor and begin to discover and explore.
missional service

Reshaping Your Missional Vision

Reshaping the vision of missions from the pulpit to the pew is all about living a life surrendered to God's will.
open heart

Changing the Heart of the Leader

Church leaders are not responsible for coming up with plans or strategies of mobilization. We are to put into action what God places in our hearts.
abusive leadershipvideo

When Does Leadership Become Abusive?

Recognizing the signs of unhealthy leadership
preach sermons

Preach the Text

What is your primary goal when preaching a sermon?

Is Singleness an Advantage in Ministry?

Just as marriage by itself isn’t a qualification for gospel ministry, so also singleness by itself isn’t a hindrance.
rebuild the church

Starting Over

As we rebuild from the pandemic, these three principles are precisely what pastors need to remember.
prayer life

What Your Church Needs More Than Productivity

We wrongly assume that prayer is somehow akin to procrastination—putting off the work. The truth is, prayer is a necessary part of the work.
edison lab

Creating an Edison Laboratory for Your Ministry

Lessons from Thomas Edison’s Life Can Help the Church Today
culture shockvideo

Culture Shock in the Church

Keeping our heads in a culture of constant change.