When the Universe Cracks

What COVID-19 Exposed

The church must equip cross-cultural, reconciling and justice-oriented disciple makers.
reimage your church

3 Ways to Envision What Your Church Can Become

See Your Church With Fresh Eyes
rise above the lies

Failure Is Not Final

The question is not if we will fail, but how we’ll respond when we do.
church effectivenessvideo

Pastorpedia: Is Going to Church and Being the Church the Same?

And How to Encourage People to Be the Church
loneliness in ministry

Lonely at the Top?

Dealing With Loneliness in Ministry
church decline

Getting Out of God’s Way

What is the church doing to prepare for the next season of ministry?
church effectiveness ministryvideo

Where Will the Next Church Leaders Come From?

A Video Resource of CE National, a church effectiveness ministry
pastoral burnout

5 Proven Ways to Avoid Pastoral Burnout

Proven and Practical Tips
people in the margins

Ministering in the Shadows

God has called his church to minister to those in the shadows of his steeple.
innovation in the church

Where Is Our Innovation?

Excerpted from ‘The Innovation Crisis’ (Moody Publishers)