reimage your church

3 Ways to Envision What Your Church Can Become

See Your Church With Fresh Eyes
myths about preaching

5 Myths About Preaching

Let God’s Word shape your sermons into preaching that is faithful to Scripture.
rise above the lies

Failure Is Not Final

The question is not if we will fail, but how we’ll respond when we do.
retain visitors

3 Keys to Turning Visitors Into Church Members

Clear Engagement Plans Help First-Time Attendees Feel Welcome
modern worship

9 Ways the Modern Worship Service Is Changing

The average church has made significant adjustments to their worship service in the past two decades.
autism and church

Autism and the Church

‘If you’ve met one autistic person . . . you’ve met one autistic person.’
church design

What IKEA Can Teach Us About Church Design

How can design help accomplish your mission and calling?

5 Things to Remember About Worship

Music can be a part of worship, but it was never meant to be the heart of it.
crazy faith

When Life Is Crazy, God Shows Up

God’s Crazy Word Often Comes in the Darkest of Times

Dethroning a Fiefdom in a Church

Understanding and Dismantling Silos
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