How We Can Help Equip the Next Generation

It is not enough for kids to know basic Bible stories—they need to know how to read God’s Word for themselves and apply it to their lives.
gen z mental health

5 Things the Church Should and Shouldn’t Do for the Gen Z Mental Health...

No one denies young people’s mental health struggles. Why have so many of us Christians failed to offer solutions?
engaging someone else’s culture

Jesus at the Center

Who is informing your view of immigrants and people of other faiths?

Valuing Multiethnicity

God’s creative spirit is manifest in the way he designed humanity.

Love: The Newest Innovation in Ministry

People who are hungry for the truth want to be among people who show genuine love to them.
personal identity

Known by God

If Adam and Eve forfeited the blessing of being known intimately and personally by God, faith in God is what restores that knowledge.
how to find yourself

Brian Rosner: How to Find Yourself

“This book looks directly at our cultural moment and the identity angst that seems to have engulfed our age.”
weekly tithes

Developing Faithful Christians Who Tithe

When we live out our faith publicly and share the God stories that have happened while we were faithful in giving, the church will reap the spiritual and then financial blessings of God's favor.

Lee Strobel: Living on the Evangelistic Edge

We need to invite people curious about our faith into our daily lives.
imitators of him

The Gospel Demonstrated

God cares about human suffering.