Mel McGowan

Mel McGowan is an Outreach Magazine contributing editor and the co-founder and chief creative principal of PlainJoe Studios, a multidisciplinary design firm focused on storytelling from branding to building. He also is the author of Design Intervention: Revolutionizing Sacred Space (PlainJoe Studios) and serves as an adjunct professor at California Baptist University’s College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design.

A Call to Be Brave

Every detail, down to the durable building materials we highlighted (concrete, wood and metal), signified strength and steadiness.

A Light in Lake County

CCC doesn’t just operate as an arm of one church. Instead, it partners with churches and cause-oriented organizations across Lake County.

A Place to Grow

Today’s children are the future of the church, both in America and worldwide. Investing more resources into children’s programs and ministry spaces is truly investing in the global church’s future.

Church of DREAMs

Since Oak Ridge couldn’t build out from its existing property, church leaders looked elsewhere.

An Orchard of Grace

Grace City Church Cultivates Community in the Apple Capital of the World