Charles Stone

As a pastor for over 43 years, Charles Stone served as a lead pastor, associate pastor and church planter in churches from 50 to over 1,000. He now coaches and equips pastors and teams to effectively navigate the unique challenges ministry brings. By blending biblical principles with cutting-edge brain-based practices he helps them enhance their leadership abilities, elevate their preaching/ teaching skills and prioritize self-care. He is the author of seven books. For more information and to follow his blogs, visit

How Much Shut-Eye Do You Get?

When we don’t get adequate sleep we can become more rigid in our thinking and less adaptable. Rigid thinking impairs good decision making.

Do You Recognize These Symptoms of Stress?

Prolonged stress makes you more forgetful.

When the Mental Load is Affecting Your Leadership

Toward the end of the day or a week when a leader has had to make too many decisions, he may find himself losing his cool more easily, flying off the handle, or saying thing things he shouldn’t.

7 Ways to Overcome the Blindness That Comes With Familiarity

Seeing your church with new eyes

Are You a Resilient Leader?

Since every leader will face difficulty, what can we do to become more resilient?

7 Ways to Reflect on Your Day

When we discipline ourselves to begin each day with intention and thoughtfulness, we do ourselves and others good.

When Ministry Becomes Life-Draining

Everyday church ministry demands that we sooth someone’s hurt feelings, solve a ministry problem, seek new ways to grow our churches, or satisfy what seems to be some church members’ increasing expectations.

The Psychological Keys to Encouraging Generosity

Two significant processes in our brains that influence generosity