Charles Stone

As a pastor for over 43 years, Charles Stone served as a lead pastor, associate pastor and church planter in churches from 50 to over 1,000. He now coaches and equips pastors and teams to effectively navigate the unique challenges ministry brings. By blending biblical principles with cutting-edge brain-based practices he helps them enhance their leadership abilities, elevate their preaching/ teaching skills and prioritize self-care. He is the author of seven books. For more information and to follow his blogs, visit

The Psychological Keys to Encouraging Generosity

Two significant processes in our brains that influence generosity

Before You Click ‘Send’

He assumed one thing and I assumed another. We were able to resolve what could have been a severe blow to our relationship in a short phone conversation.

Preaching Sermons That Stick

How do people remember?

How to Deal With Guilt and Shame

Shame stings, but it need not be deadly. Although people and circumstances around us may still shame us (and it hurts), Christ can release us from its destructive power.

The Beauty of Declining Invitations

Sometimes you immediately know you should say no. In that case, a firm but gracious no is appropriate. It may feel awkward, but that uncomfortable emotion will quickly pass.

I Was Leading a Church, and I was Foolish

I isolated myself too much from staff and people in the church. I didn’t make myself visible enough.

When Fear Takes Hold of Your Leadership

If we constantly live with low level anxiety, our fight-flight centers are more sensitive so it takes less to push us into serious worry, anxiety, and fear.

Dealing With Inevitable Friction

Conflict provides a moment in time when we can honor or dishonor him by our responses.