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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

How to Implement Simple Discipleship in Your Church

Here are some simple ways to kick-start discipleship at your church.

6 Ways to Fight the Debilitating Power of Doubt

You don't have to stay stuck in doubt. Here are ways to wage war on your doubts.

The Secret That Changes Everything

Human beings are designed to be in relationship with the God who created us.

The Ways We Determine Right From Wrong

There are several ways we determine right from wrong in a given situation. Here are some frameworks upon which we build our ethics.

How to Lead Imaginative Prayer

Sitting completely silent in prayer can be tough at first, but this exercise will help.

How You Can Be a Mentor

Being a mentor for someone else is as simple as having the humility to share the lessons you've learned through your faith walk.

Why Purity Is Not a Private Matter

Ultimately, compromising our purity and integrity reveals a sinful heart with broader implications.

Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment

Hannah Anderson: All That Is Good

Finding Abundance in Situations of Scarcity

Michael Mather: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places

How We Learned to Ask ‘the Poor’ Different Questions

When we began to focus on people's gifts rather than their needs, it was a game changer.