We Are Called to Shine

We are meant to embody the power of blessing.

Beyond Our Family Feud

Excerpted from 'Permission to Be Black' (IVP)

Answering the Tough Questions About Church Discipline

Is it loving to practice church discipline?

Two Sources of Depression

Excerpted from 'Beauty in the Browns' (Focus on the Family)

Working Within the Limits of a Pastor’s Time and Energy

Excerpted from 'Lead' (Crossway) by Paul David Tripp

Soothe the Suffering

God is present in our affliction.

The View From Below

Excerpted from 'Praying With Our Feet' (Brazos Press)

Take Inventory of Your Morning Routine

How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Stephen Viars: Overcoming Bitterness

Moving From Life’s Greatest Hurts to a Life Filled With Joy (Baker)

The Centrality of Your Heart

Excerpted from 'Overcoming Bitterness' (Baker Books)