Paul S. Williams: Exiles on Mission

Being the church when we feel alienated from culture.

Daniel Im: 7 Lies About Work, Life, & Love

You Are What You Do (B&H)

Pressure, Platforms and Pretending

What happens when our being is defined by our doing?

C. Andrew Doyle: Faithful Discipleship in a Partisan World

Citizen (Church Publishing Inc.)

The Importance of Christian Citizenship

Learning what it means to be a Christian and a citizen.

James Emery White: Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians

Uncommon Answers to Common Questions (Baker Books)

When the Church Is the Church

When do you have the church?

Stephen Viars: Loving Your Community

Proven Practices for Community-Based Outreach Ministry (Baker Books)

Demonstrating God’s Power to Change Lives

Can your church help address a particular need in your community?