Marissa Postell Sullivan

Marissa Postell Sullivan is managing editor at Lifeway Christian Resources.

Who Makes Your Church’s Budget?

Pastors indicate more variety in who is involved in creating their church’s budget. Most say the trustees or church board (77%), the treasurer (69%), the pastor (61%) and a finance or stewardship committee (58%) are involved in creating the budget.

Pastors Planning Several Christmas Events Churchgoers Say They Enjoy

Churchgoers say they enjoy going to an average of four church-led Christmas events from a list of potential events.

Church Switchers Identify Factors Behind Their Decision

Church changes often follow a residential move. Three in 5 (60%) churchgoers who’ve switched churches say they decided to attend their current church due to a residential move.

Study: The Economy’s Negative Impact on Churches

Pastors at the largest churches (those with 250 or more in attendance) are the least likely to say the economy has somewhat or very negatively impacted their churches this year (34%). They are also the most likely to report that giving levels are above those in 2022 (57%).

Prosperity Gospel Beliefs on the Rise, Survey Says

As people interact with the world around them, their beliefs about the world and their place in it stem from their understanding (or misunderstanding) of the character of God. And most churchgoers believe God wants them to prosper financially.

Churchgoers and Deconstruction

Similarly, younger pastors, those 18-44, are the most likely to say they’re very familiar with deconstruction (36%), while pastors 65 and older are the least likely to possess that same level of familiarity (12%).

Livestreaming and the Church

Compared to 2019, fewer churchgoers today see video streaming as a valid replacement for physically attending church when sick or caring for someone who is sick (76% v. 69%), traveling (60% v. 48%), too far away to attend (45% v. 38%) and when they get up late (36% v. 24%).

Tithing Trends and Methods: What Parishioners Are Saying

More than 3 in 4 American Protestant churchgoers say tithing is a biblical command that still applies today (77%).