Jeffery Skinner

Jeffery Skinner is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene, has over 15 years of church planting experience and serves as the director of Coached DOT Academy Training for Dynamic Church Planting International.  

8 Systems That Are Crucial to Church Health

Focusing on the health of these eight systems, combined with strong, healthy leaders and a robust prayer life, will position you and your team in an environment that is poised for thriving.

Building a Strong Team

To be successful, church planters need both a mentor and a coach.

5 Ways to Create an Amazing Guest Experience

When it comes to attending something as social as a church, visitors can feel especially vulnerable, so I teach church planters that they, too, must reduce guest anxiety.

5 Characteristics Christian Leaders Should Model

Leaders must continue to learn and develop, and who better to learn from than Jesus?

Trading in a Dream for a Vision

A good plan feeds the leader's courage to leave the safe harbor and begin to discover and explore.