former evangelical ministers

No Longer Christian

Why People Are Leaving the Faith and How We Can Respond

How Can We Overcome Our Fear of Evangelism?

We overcome our fear of evangelism, not by trying harder, but by cultivating a deeper love for Christ.
intercultural evangelism

W. Jay Moon and W. Bud Simon: Effective Intercultural Evangelism

Sharing the Gospel with a Multicultural Society

7 Reasons Why I Believe in Attractional Evangelism

Attractional evangelism gets a bad rap as a man-centered, simplistic method. But it can actually be an effective tool. Here's how.
sharing your faith

Andrew Palau: My Top 10 Books on Evangelism

Reignite Your Passion for Sharing Your Faith
meaningful evangelism

Evangelism Reimagined

Seeking the thriving and wholeness of others

What We Need to Know About God’s Mercy and Grace

The gospel speaks hope to hopeless people, struggling to be good enough, hungry for grace and mercy.

3 Necessary Shifts in the Way We Think About Missions

These changes are critical if we're going to have the global reach God desires.

How to Involve Your Small Groups in the Great Commission

Your church will only be as healthy as its small groups are.
hostility toward christianity

Responding to Hostility Toward Christianity

And why we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss the complexities of our faith