David Gustafson: The Practice of Witnessing—Part 2

Practical advice on reaching your neighbors for Christ

4 Things That Keep Christians from Sharing the Gospel

And one eternally compelling reason to overcome them.

What Is Your Nineveh?

God may not be sending you overseas to reach extremists, but he may be sending you to reach the "unreachable" in your sphere of influence.

Sharing Your Faith in a Marketing-Weary World

What distinguishes our evangelism efforts from the sales pitches we're bombarded with every day?

Don’t Miss the Everyday Opportunities God Sends You

Jesus was always ready to be 'interrupted' to fulfill his mission.

What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

God has provided means for all to know about him; the bigger question is what will you do with the knowledge he's given you.

The Power of Your Example in Evangelism

Incarnational leadership is key to building evangelistic churches.

Facing Cultural Headwinds Against Evangelism

I recently came back on a flight from Orange County. Before departing from California, the pilot announced that we would be arriving in Chicago about 40 minutes early due...

Speaking Prophetically to the Church and Culture

We cannot be afraid to speak to significant issues in our culture and churches.

The Power of Your Story to Draw People to Faith

Your testimony is a powerful tool to contextualize the gospel for people who don't yet know Christ.