Joe McKeever

Joe McKeever spent 42 years pastoring six Southern Baptist churches and has been writing and cartooning for religious publications for more than 40 years.

Who Is Listening to You?

Perhaps more important than “preach that same sermon” is this: Preach that same book of the Bible. Preach that same series.

When God Calls Ordinary People

Have you ever looked at a young person with extraordinary talents and gifts–looks, presence, brains, personality, and eloquence–and thought, “God is going to do great things with them?”

When Is it Okay to Fear?

There are positive fears, things reasonably-minded people should take into careful consideration.

Results May Vary

For the rest of your life, thank him for accepting someone like you–someone who deserved hell (yes, you do!), someone who brings nothing to qualify for heaven–into his eternal family.

What Does Shame Have to Do With Being Lukewarm?

Work around us, Lord, we seem to say. Not in us and through us. Self-defense mechanisms are all working overtime. If we would be or do anything for the Master, we must face and overcome this gremlin.

How Satan Prevents the Prayers of God’s People

As odd as it seems, the dark prince does not hesitate to speak the truth if it will make us think we shouldn’t pray.

Passionless Christianity

You can tell preaching that is only going-through-the-motions from the kind that originates in the heart, is inspired by the Spirit and driven by compassion.

Where Humanity Is Headed

Mankind has such capabilities and potential. However, he is always hampered by a dysfunctionality about himself: he is his own worst enemy.