Your One Job

We've been given a commission, and all we must do is simply obey.

Building Bridges to Our Muslim Neighbors

Neighborly Faith is encouraging dinner and dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

Fear and the Great Commission

There's a better motivation for mission than fear.

‘I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care’: The Rise of Apatheism

To address the problem of biblical illiteracy, we must first address the problem of theological apathy.

Next Generation Evangelism: 6 Necessary Shifts

To meaningfully engage the next generation, we must shift our thinking in these key ways.

Winning the Social Activism Battle, but Losing the War?

If our serving isn't done in Jesus' name, then ultimately we're withholding hope.

The Oxygen That Sustains Our Evangelism

In order for us to be effective witnesses for Christ, we need to be sustained by the gospel ourselves.

Why Churches Should Consider Inviting a Vocational Evangelist

A significant number of churches have never invited a vocational evangelist to speak. Why not?

3 Ways to Love Your Prodigal Child

These are a few good ways to respond to a child who is wandering from the faith of their youth.

Being a Different Kind of Christian

We are Christ's ambassadors, and people will judge him based on what they see in us.