dark events

A Gospel for Dark Times

Ukrainian evangelist provides perspective in the midst of the war

7 Ways to Prepare to Share Your Faith

Here are some great ways to prepare yourself for opportunities to share the gospel.

Why Reaching the LGBTQ Community Starts With Relationships

Sharing Christ starts with getting to know LGBTQ people.

To Catch a Fish, You Have to Think Like a Fish

In order to reach non-Christians, you have to understand them and speak their language.
nonbelieving loved ones

9 Ways I Reached Out to My Nonbelieving Family Members

The things that God used to nudge my mom and dad to Christ

How We Can Rejoice Even When There Is Division in the Church

We must remember that our message is not dependent on the precision with which we deliver it, but on the One who is greater.

The Power of Your Example in Evangelism

Incarnational leadership is key to building evangelistic churches.
comfort zone

Getting Outside Our Comfort Zone to Share Our Faith

Is there someone you know who is different from you, and you don’t necessarily want to reach out to him or her?

What Is the Individual’s Role in the Mission of God?

We serve a missionary God, so wherever we go we are Christ's ambassadors.

The Power of Your Story to Draw People to Faith

Your testimony is a powerful tool to contextualize the gospel for people who don't yet know Christ.