You’ve Got Mail

Pennsylvania church brings youth and seniors together.

An Outside-the-Box Church

A Young Church Takes Root in Town’s Historic Former General Store

Oasis in a Food Desert

Cornerstone Baptist helps meet its community’s basic needs.

A Community of Nations

Kentucky church ministers to immigrant populations.

5 Ways to Train Your Welcome Team During the Summer

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Raising Up Young Leaders: Riverview Church

Riverview Church stays strong with a healthy culture of succession.

Pastoral Humility: The Bridge Church

Transparent leadership creates a come-as-you-are environment at The Bridge.

Delivering Hope: Fuel Church

Fuel Church works to connect addicts with help.
easter event

Reflections on Easter and the Church

4 observations on Christ’s love and care for his church

What Story Does Your Facility Tell?

Determine Your Church’s Unique Story and How to Share It