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Josh King: ‘Build Gospel-Centered Relationships’

“Faithfulness over a long period of time in the same direction is the best mode of operation.”

Tom Lundeen: Seeing the Fruit of a ‘Grace Awakening’

“What you celebrate in your church is what gets repeated.”

Joby Martin: The Gospel Is Our Only Hope

“I don’t think ‘spiritual leadership’ is a phrase that helps us.”

Josh Mauney: Release People Well

“We have to be satisfied with leading people into very small steps repeated over a long time.”

Steve Poe: Clarity Is Key

“People need to be clear where you are taking them and why.”

Robert Riedy: Don’t Live for Others’ Approval

“Don’t ignore your family for the applause of people.”

Jeff Simmons: Stay in the Center of God’s Will

“We can love people whether we agree on life issues or not.”

Vern Streeter: Empower Your Volunteers and Staff

“We are a better church without my hands in everything.”