Rob Wilkins

Rob Wilkins, an Outreach magazine contributing writer, is the co-founder and creative lead for Fuse Media in Asheville, North Carolina.

Matthew Watley: Growth Through Service

It’s not the number of people who come to church, but the number who go out to serve, that defines real growth.

Rick and Randy Bezet: God’s Unlikely Call into Ministry — Part 2

“Fewer people treat the Word of God as inerrant. They see it as viewpoint, which means we have to do a better job of teaching the Word of God as truth.”—Randy Bezet

Rick and Randy Bezet: God’s Unlikely Call into Ministry — Part 1

“It’s been a time of such division. The church started getting angry at the world, and the world angry at the church, and then the church at the church.”—Rick Bezet

Terry W. Brooks: Building Ministry Around Needs—Part 1

“Service puts into practice what we learn when discipleship is integrated into worship.”

Terry W. Brooks: Creativity and Community—Part 2

“We want to prepare people to live a better life, the life that Jesus described as abundant.”

Mark Batterson: Dwelling in Possibility

Through civility, service and innovation the church faces one of its greatest opportunities.

Craig Springer: Listening to Proclaim—Part 1

"The megachurch era of the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s, founded on a desire for anonymity, is shifting because people are longing to be known and seen."

Craig Springer: Belonging Is a Precursor for Belief—Part 2

"We need to be intentional about building spaces for people outside the faith to feel like they belong with this community, even if they don’t yet believe."