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Why We Must Not Forget the Child Separation Crisis

The contrasting responses to the Thai soccer team and the separated children at the border calls us to pray and act.

Open Eyes for the Least of These

Some lessons I learned about compassion when God opened my eyes to share a meal with a homeless Turkish woman.

What Is the Key to Lasting Social Change?

How do we serve the poor without creating dependence? What does serving those in distress do to us?

How Churches Can Respond to the Crisis at the Border

Children are being separated from their families, threatened and assualted at the U.S. border. Here is what you can do.

How to Walk Alongside the Poor

Go beyond simply giving to the poor, and walk alongside the poor. Here's how.

The Yes Effect

Luis Bush: Accepting God’s Invitation to Transform the World Around You

You Face Resistance—How Can You Choose Joy?

We can expect resistance when we are doing the work of God, but God has promised to protect and sustain us.

Try This: Encourage Healing by Modeling Openness

Discreetly sharing your personal suffering can help others feel understood and safe to share their own personal suffering with others.