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Colorful Compassion

What Jesus praised as the very paragon of love is compassion across boundaries of difference.

Caring for Our Wounded Survivors

Compassion for the needy requires compassion for survivors of sexual and power abuse.

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Are We Engaging People Outside Our ‘Group’?

Moving Beyond Compassion Fatigue

We're bombarded daily by appeals from people in need. It's important that we take steps to stave off compassion fatigue.

Faith Deconstruction and the Need for True Shepherds

Reaching a Generation That Is ‘Kissing Christianity Goodbye’

A Heart for Justice

Excerpted from 'When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough' (IVP)

10 Reasons to Love Unloveable People

No matter how unloving church members can be, I can’t avoid Jesus’ telling us to love God and neighbor (Matt. 22:34–40). Nor can I...

The Power of Seeking Justice Together

When We Stand (IVP)