Terence Lester

Terence Lester is a speaker, activist, author and thought leader in the realm of systemic poverty. He is founder of Love Beyond Walls, a nonprofit focused on poverty awareness and community mobilization.

The Model Minority Myth and the Church

Terence Lester: The church must seek out opportunities to speak out against dismissive and dehumanizing ways of categorizing people and cultures. The church professes a Savior with brown skin who was marginalized, labeled, categorized and questioned.

The Power of Seeking Justice Together

When We Stand (IVP)

Live Intentionally

Adaptation from 'When We Stand' (IVP)

Terence Lester: I See You

How Love Opens Our Eyes to Invisible People

Loving People Who Need It Most

Jesus loved those who were overlooked, and gave them dignity. We should do the same.