Tag: compassion

Thrive Summit (June 15–16)

Rallying leaders to respond and contribute to coronavirus relief efforts.

Trading Contempt for Compassion in the COVID-19 Debate

Responding with compassion no matter how we feel about the quarantine.

How Jesus Responds to Corruption and Injustice

Jesus didn't speak kindly of the corrupt leaders of his day.

The More You Care, the More You Care

Barna Group: Caring about global poverty means caring about other issues.

Welcoming God’s Vision of Justice

John Perkins and Charles Marsh: God’s Movement Toward Beloved Community

Why We Have Reason to Hope for Reconciliation

"All reconciliation begins with the recognition of brokenness."

How We Got Involved in Battling Cybersex Trafficking

Our church partnered with International Justice Mission and began to see ourselves as sent to our own community too.

The Improbable Math of the Gospel

Three chapters in Matthew communicate the essence of our faith and show us how to reach out with the gospel.