Welcoming God’s Vision of Justice

John Perkins and Charles Marsh: God’s Movement Toward Beloved Community

Welcoming Justice
God’s Movement Toward Beloved Community
(IVP, 2018)

WHO: John Perkins, founder of Voice of Calvary Ministries, Harambee Ministries and the Christian community Development Association, and Charles Marsh, director of the Project on Lived Theology and a professor at the University of Virginia.

THEY SAY: “Though frequently forgotten by historians and policymakers, God’s movements is the most powerful source of social change in our society.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book chronicles God’s vision for a more equitable and just world while revealing ongoing lessons for our country.

The two authors alternate writing six chapters that combine Perkins’ firsthand knowledge and experience with Marsh’s historical and theological perspective.

“The church has lost its position of power in society, but it almost seems like we’re seeing firsthand what Christ meant when he said ‘my strength is made perfect in weakness.’ In our weakness the church is finding new forms for life together based on Jesus’ model of discipleship and leadership development that invites people into the authentic relationships that reconciliation makes possible.”

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