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How Suffering Can Open Doors for Evangelism

Anyone can be happy when things are going well. But can you have joy when they aren’t? Flipping through the TV channels with my kids...

Follow These Steps When You’re Retiring

Retirement means many different paths to people. Pastors and other church staff especially have issues unique to them.

It Took Just One Talk on a Front Porch

We have no way of knowing what casual conversation, what idle word, God will be using to do eternal things.

Avoid These Threats to Your Church

When an organization gets too comfortable – boredom, complacency, and indifference are common results.

Do We Live Out Our Beliefs?

Most people’s actual lives and beliefs are not in sync, and that goes for the Christian world.

What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

God has provided means for all to know about him; the bigger question is what will you do with the knowledge he's given you.

U.S. Churches Unite to Promote Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation

National Unity Weekend believes that the change must first come from unity within the body of Christ and these heartbreaking developments in our nation will not cease without spiritual intervention.

A Better Conversation

Unless we plan on uprooting the Spirit from our lives, we’d better plan on being gentle, loving, kind, and patient, and letting the political chips fall where they may.