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Nearly every scientific discovery made in the past few centuries sought to know by stripping away the shroud of mystery so that we might make use of newfound knowledge.

Worship as a Sanctuary

To speak clearly in an age of anxiety, the church must resist both manipulating people’s anxiety and the temptation to ignore it. Instead, we must offer what I’m calling “a framework for healing worship.”

Truly Local: Church as the ‘Soul’ of the City

Belonging means different things to different people. My personal homecoming is bustling into a bar, keyboard under my arm, for a jazz gig with local musicians.

God’s Good Created Order

How is the Jesus of powerlessness, mercy, and forgiveness to be reconciled with the Jesus of justice and judgment?

Spiritual Disciples

Like so many I know and love, I can easily imagine how my path into the void could have led somewhere other than here, back home.

Mike Cosper

Under the noise of storms and heat of fires was the whisper of God, and that in the distance beyond us is always a remnant.

The Heart of the Bible

The cross is the axis upon which the biblical story turns. Who is God? God is the one who was crucified between two criminals on Good Friday.

Brian Zahnd

I want to muse on the deep mystery of the cross.