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Live Intentionally

Adaptation from 'When We Stand' (IVP)

Opening the Church Doors

Excerpted From 'Gospelbound' (Multnomah)

5 Simple Ways a Sandwich Can Save a Life

Bringing healing through hospitality

The Discipline of Holy Noticing

Having the mind of Christ means tuning in to others.

The View From Below

Excerpted from 'Praying With Our Feet' (Brazos Press)

How You Can Fight for the Unborn

3 ways to get involved

How Would Martin Luther King Jr.’s Message Be Received Today?

Would King’s 'Letter From a Birmingham Jail' speak as powerfully to our current culture?

The Love and Truth of the Gospel

Excerpted FromCompassion & ConvictionBy Justin Giboney, Michael Wear and Chris Butler No one makes political decisions from a neutral position. To make a policy decision...