How Mission Trips Change Us

God can use the cross-cultural experiences he's given you to continue to shape you. Here's how.

Third World Rising

There are encouraging signs of economic development in some of the countries that were once considered third-world.

Multicultural Ministry Handbook

Edited by David A. Anderson and Margarita R. Cabellon: Connecting Creatively to a Diverse World

Mapping Church Missions

Sharon Hoover: A Compass for Ministry Strategy

Al Tizon: Globalization and the Global Church—Part 2

The shape of missions will need to change in an increasingly globalized, diverse world.

The Future of the Global Church

Patrick Johnstone: History, Trends and Possibilities

Expanding Your Missional Engagement

The strategy of Christian mission has changed a great deal over my lifetime, but the charge remains the same.

Patrick Johnstone: Thinking Biblically About Immigration

The flood of refugees is only going to continue. How will the church respond?

The Post-Black & Post-White Church

Efrem Smith: Becoming the Beloved Community in a Multi-Ethnic World

Short-Term Missions Workbook

Tim Dearborn: From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens