Gregg Okesson: A Public Missiology

How Local Churches Witness to a Complex World (Baker Academic)

A Public Missiology: How Local Churches Witness to a Complex World
(Baker Academic, 2020)

WHO: Gregg Okesson, dean of the E. Stanley Jones School or World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary and the Ira Gallaway and D.M. Beeson Professor of Leadership Development, Mission, and Evangelism.

HE SAYS: “Public missiology is an invitation to renew Christian initiative to engage our emerging public order in fresh ways.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book is an attempt to rethink the apostolic nature of the church, especially in regard to the public realm.

THE PROGRESSION: Part 1, “Public Witness,” lays out a rhetorical framework for congregational witness while Part 2, “Congregations and the Public Witness,” describes what this looks like.

“This books is a call for Christians to thicken their witness, and to do so in and through local congregations.”

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