Defying Gravity: Ministry Without Burnout

To lead thriving ministries, we must lead from a place of strength, our own soul care. But how?

3 Mindset Shifts for Change Agents

Bobby Gruenewald: “The church has the talent and resources to once again become influencers of culture and agents of change.”

Why Your Church Isn’t For Everyone–And That’s OK

Carey Nieuwhof: "Churches that try to be all things to all people often end up being nothing to anyone."

9 Things That Have Replaced Traditional Outreach

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5 Tensions Every Small and Midsize Church Encounters

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The Problem With Pastors as Rock Stars

Ed Stetzer: The “rock star” problem is a sin issue, not a church-size issue.

3 Challenges for Every Church Planter

No matter your skill level or former experience, be prepared to face these challenges head-on.

The Danger of Complexity in Outreach

Steven Furtick: "If you’re going to err, err on the side of simply giving people Jesus."

When the Church Is Crazy About Broken People

Brandon Cox: "Being crazy about broken people, for us, has some serious implications."

4 Ways to Prevent Ministry Burnout

Ed Stetzer: "To create boundaries, pastors must be able to say no when other people want them to say yes."