Thriving Small Churches Are Content, Not Complacent

Dave Jacobs: "A small church measures success by how faithful they have been with what God has given them."

A Thriving Small Church Honors the Past Without Living in It

"The small church cannot be viewed as a stepping stone to a large church ministry."

The Role of Preaching in Church Planting

Brandon Cox: "Don’t neglect the power of preaching, even in a brand new church plant."

Ideas for Imaginary People

Charles Lee: "You cannot assume that what has worked in the past will work today or in the future."

Out of Brokenness: Dave Gibbons and Newsong Church

Predominant church growth tools focus on gifts and personality but fail to take into account the power of pain to shape a life.

Dave Gibbons: Movements and Mustard Seeds

Dave Gibbons: “Can we ever forget the greatest movement of all began with a group of 12 misfits?”

Into the Neighborhood: Randy Frazee and Oak Hills Church

Community is a conduit of life: you live in community. If you starve yourself of community, you die.

4 Moves That Can Make or Break Your Ministry Effectiveness

"Learning to assess body language can go a long way to showing your compassion and care of those you’re leading."

Mission Trips Are for Whom?

Dave Gibbons: “In most countries, relationships and the trust of indigenous leadership often take years to develop.”

Why Your People Are Not Sharing Their Faith

A surprising and convicting truth about why we don't evangelize.