How Do We Define Success?

In this new year I'm taking stock of what success really means.

Renewing Our Spiritual Focus in the New Year

As we enter a new year, we enter it operating within God's sovereign plan.

The Oxygen That Sustains Our Evangelism

In order for us to be effective witnesses for Christ, we need to be sustained by the gospel ourselves.

5 Keys for Leading Negative People

Here are ways to respond with compassion and love to a negative person in your church.

Mike Burnette: A Place to Envision What’s Possible—Part 1

Having been kicked out of church as a child, Mike Burnette envisioned a place where his family would feel welcome.

Mike Burnette: Building a Church for the Unchurched—Part 2

We must be just as skilled at exegeting our communities as we are at exegeting Scripture.

Michael Fletcher: Creating a Culture of Leadership—Part 1

A new philosophy of ministry builds people, not just the church.

Awana Aims to Help Churches Disciple Latino Children

With the new U.S. Latino Child Discipleship Network, Awana is poised to help churches reach and disciple children.

3 Ways to Create a Welcoming Environment for Visitors

How do you welcome people who feel like outsiders?

5 Ways to Reach People Through Texting

Instead of making texting the enemy, here are ways to leverage it to reach people.


Amplify Conference (June 25–26)

Amplify is a three-day event where church leaders will reimagine an evangelism for our day.

5 Tips for Bible App Engagement

Here are some ways to make Bible engagement a habit in the new year.

Cara Meredith: The Color of Life

A Journey toward Love and Racial Justice