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Heath Burris: The Opportunity of Discipleship

"True success cannot always be seen from the outside."

Jackie White: Beyond the Pulpit, Outside the Walls

"We do a poor job representing Christ when all we do is preach."

Reshaping the American Megachurch

What are the trends among the country’s largest congregations?

Lee Powell: When God Is at Work

“Is there real, genuine community happening in life groups? Are the baptisms real conversions? You have to keep asking all those questions.”

David Kinnan: Finding the Divine Agenda

"I made the promise that I would never run the church based on my own agenda or opinions or wants or desires, that I would simply listen to him."

Derwin Gray: Limitless Strength

"My most important work habit is learning daily to not work IN my limited strength, but to work FROM Jesus' unlimited strength."

Chuck Booher: Leading Toward Passionate Commitment

“As a result of our 24/7 movement, the passion to know God deeper is sky high!”

Ray Johnston: Faithful in the Tough Times

“The only way to experience God’s blessings over a long period of time is to stay faithful during tough times.”