Tag: Outreach 100 Churches

Wayne Cordeiro: Problems and Passion

“One of the greatest leadership lessons I’ve learned is that God gave me authority to build up, not to tear down.”

What's Trending in Multisite? 2013

Jim Tomberlin of MultiSite Solutions tracks the state of the multisite movement.

Mark Batterson: What Happens When the Church Stops Praying?

"I feel like prayer is the difference between the best you can do and the best God can do."

Dave Ferguson: A Vision for Reproducing Churches

“Reproducing is about leader readiness, not about size. If the Holy Spirit’s prompting you to move to this place or do this thing, let’s do it.”

Andy Stanley: Creating a Church of Grace and Truth

How North Point Community Church embraces and manages the tension.

Jud Wilhite on the Right (and Wrong) Way to Measure Ministry Success

"If you can’t find contentment ministering to 50, you’re probably not going to be content doing it for 20,000."