Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is CEO of Exponential, visionary leader of NewThing Network and lead pastor of Community Christian Church with locations across Chicagoland.

Maximize Your Leadership With ‘4 Always’

Never do anything alone, and always have an apprentice. If you are leading a group, team, site, church or network, you always have an apprentice.

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A multiplier is a healthy disciple-making leader who champions church reproduction.

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In the next five years at the current rate there will be over 13,000 churches who have a vision to do something that has movement-making potential—start a multiplying network.

Where It All Begins — Shifts to Make Before Church Growth

The church grows up into maturity as each part is working properly, building itself up in love.

A Story Worth Telling

As the church, we are responsible for telling the most important story in human history.

Is Evangelism a Lost Cause?

No person is ever too far from God to be restored into right relationship with him.

7 Questions to Ask When Starting a Church Planting Network

What it takes to start and sustain a church planting movement.

Create a Culture of Multiplication

3 Ways to Institutionalize Multiplication at Your Church