New Life at Waters Edge: Waters Edge Church

Stuart Hodges: “We are a church that has been successful at reaching unchurched people. When you reach unchurched people, they reach other unchurched people.”

Celebrating Kingdom Wins: Celebration Church

Members of the nation's #4 Fastest-Growing Church are celebrating an awakening for God with prayer, fasting and some can't-miss speakers.

The Name Says It All: New Hope Church

Tim Liston: “We just try to grow the people. A life turned around, a saved marriage, a better dad, better people. And the result is that they invite friends and family to attend.”

A New Growth Model: South Hills Church

Chris Sonksen: “Our objective is to come alongside [small] churches that have potential to go to 200 or 300, but they just don’t have the networking or the understanding or the systems.”

How to Encourage the Gift of Time for Service

How a small New Jersey church connects its people with opportunities to serve

On This Rock: Rock City Church

Rock City Church: “We have one mission, and that is to reach the unchurched and awaken the spiritually restless to love God and love people.”

New Beginnings at Legacy: #3 Fastest-Growing Church

Read about what the nation's #3 Fastest-Growing Church does to reach and retain new believers, and as a result, grow the kingdom for Christ.

“It Made Me Want to Dance”—Lessons From a Mystery Visit

An unchurched person reports on an unannounced visit to a local church. Could it be yours?

A New Spring Flowing: #2 Fastest-Growing Church

Perry Noble: “Generosity and the heart of Jesus go hand in hand, and we wanted to be as generous as possible."

A Triumph in Detroit: #1 Fastest-Growing Church

Here's a quick profile from the fastest-growing church in America. What makes them tick? They make it (almost) impossible to miss church.