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There’s a Battle Raging

We must open our eyes to the battle and get in the fight. Satan has taken far too many of our neighbors, co-workers, classmates, family members, and friends as captives.

What Does ‘Taking Up the Shield of Faith’ Look Like?

We can expect that day in and day out we will be pummeled the flaming arrows of the great enemy of God and man, the devil. These flaming arrows might take many forms, but surely at least one of them is in the form of accusation.

Are You Ready for the Fight?

Spiritual warfare is a reality we need to take seriously.

The Most Powerful Weapon for Spiritual Warfare

Overcoming the World by Becoming More Like Christ

Gaining Victory Over Sin

You can't tame sin. You must fight it in the power of the Spirit.

The Enemy’s Top 5 Tactics and How to Respond

Knowing the Enemy's tactics helps us not to be blindsided by his attacks.