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Christianity Comes With Enemies

Don’t worry about having enemies. Instead, concern yourself with having the right ones and for the right reasons.

Satan Is Powerful — But There’s Hope

God is in you and has given you all the lion repellent you need to fight off the prowling enemy. Now it’s up to you to use it.

Leader, Prepare for Battle

Your love for God, worship, and consistent prayer life are your best investment for the spiritual battles that may come your way.

10 Insidious Ways the Devil Gets Into the Church

Watch out for these tactics of the Enemy in spiritual warfare.

Are You Ready for the Fight?

Spiritual warfare is a reality we need to take seriously.

The Most Powerful Weapon for Spiritual Warfare

Overcoming the World by Becoming More Like Christ

Know Your Enemy

If we don’t recognize the real nature of the Enemy and employ new strategies to engage him, we’ll be ill-equipped to survive the battle.