Tag: spiritual formation

John Mark Comer: The Apprentice

Almost all evangelical discipleship is built on the assumption that as a person’s knowledge of the Bible increases, their spiritual maturity will increase with it.

How Is Your Soul?

Caring for your soul means caring for the unique, God-breathed identity that includes your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational self.

When There’s a Lack of Spiritual Fruit

The most effective strategy for moving people forward in their journey of faith is biblical engagement. Not just getting people into the Bible when they’re in church—but helping them engage the Bible on their own outside of church.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: Learning Spiritual Rhythms

We teach our children through our words and our actions. Consistently and intentionally practicing spiritual rhythms within community and across generations matters (Deut. 6:1–2, 31:9–13).

The Crisis of Christian Leadership

Many Christian leaders appear to be suffering from a lack in their spiritual formation.

Rich Villodas: Deeply Formed—Part 1

“The Christian life is not just going to heaven when we die, but having the very life of Christ formed in us.”

Rich Villodas: Living in the Center of God’s Presence—Part 2

“Who we are in Christ is the most important gift we have to give.”

Spiritual Formation Through Failure and Perseverance

Only perseverance based on our trust in the faithfulness of God can bring us to full completion in Christ.