Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan is the founder and lead strategist of The Unstuck Group. Started in 2009, The Unstuck Group has served over 500 churches throughout the United States and several countries around the world. Morgan has five published books including The Unstuck Church and, with Amy Anderson, hosts the The Unstuck Church Podcast with thousands of listeners each month.

What’s Holding You Back From Taking Risks?

Because we think we control more than we do, we hesitate to make bold moves. We fear failure.

Multisite Campus Handbook and Best Practices

The one church-multiple locations concept has seen many expressions throughout church history as church leaders adapted to changing cultural realities and leveraged technological advances.

What You Need to Know About Volunteers

The more ministry programs and events your church offers, the more volunteers you’ll need. Focused ministry means less competition for people’s time and attention.

What I’ve Learned About Those Who Serve

When paid staff are doing much of the ministry, they aren’t as motivated to raise up other lay leaders and build volunteer teams.

When Church Growth Stalls

When you find that you’ve stopped growing, you’ve probably exhausted the capacity of leaders in your organization. Is your staff ready to lead at a higher level? Are your volunteer leaders ready to duplicate their teams with a second leader?

When There’s a Lack of Spiritual Fruit

The most effective strategy for moving people forward in their journey of faith is biblical engagement. Not just getting people into the Bible when they’re in church—but helping them engage the Bible on their own outside of church.

4 Signs of Unhealthy Volunteer Teams

Every leader wants healthy volunteers who are reaching their full potential.

15 Differences Between Healthy and Stuck Churches

Is your staffing approach causing your ministry to be stuck?