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God Can Use Broken People

Reflections on a Savior Who Loves Us Even When We Don’t Deserve It

How Unconfessed Sin Poisons Your Heart for God

Lessons Learned From the Fall of David

Battling the Unholy Trinity of Our Sinful Nature

Hoping in the Divine Trinity for victory over sin

Finding the Courage to Repent of Sin

It takes courage each day to face who we really are and ask God for the grace to become who he has created us to be.

God Uses Messy People

He is not daunted by your imperfections.

Gaining Victory Over Sin

You can't tame sin. You must fight it in the power of the Spirit.

Call It What You Like, God Calls It Sin

We have created a myriad of ways to justify sin, but the episode of David and Bathsheba reminds us that God takes our sin very seriously. So should we.