Digital-Savvy Churches See Consistent Giving During Pandemic

Givelify has released a new report that explores how giving to churches has changed during the pandemic. Giving In Faith: How Coronavirus Widened the Digital Divide found that nearly 55% of faith-based organizations—particularly those that are digitally savvy—experienced consistent or increased giving levels during the pandemic.

Throughout COVID-19, places of worship have played a critical role in communities, providing food for those in need and support for members and neighbors. But with their doors closed and the nation dealing with economic turmoil, many faith-based organizations are struggling. Givelify surveyed more than 400 faith leaders and 300 congregants to better understand how giving to churches has changed during the pandemic and what the future holds.

The report uncovered several insights about giving during the pandemic and beyond:

1. Giving to churches increased or remained steady during COVID-19. Among places of worship, nearly a third reported an increase in donations, and a quarter saw consistent levels. The number of donations given each week on the Givelify mobile app nearly doubled between March 15 and April 18, highlighting the generosity of faith-based donors.

2. Digitally savvy faith-based organizations fared better financially during COVID. During the pandemic, places of worship using Givelify saw a nearly 10% increase in the size of donations. Faith-based organizations with a strong digital presence (website, live streaming, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) saw 533% more donations than those without.

3. The pandemic may accelerate a longer-term digital transformation, moving church giving primarily online. Approximately 92% of donors said they will continue to donate primarily online and on mobile after the pandemic ends and 94% of faith leaders believe online and mobile giving is here to stay.

4. Faith-based giving is not exclusive to one place of worship. During the pandemic, more than 20% of people gave to multiple places of worship, a number that has steadily risen over the past few years. This points to the changing relationships that people have with places of worship and the desire to belong to multiple faith-based communities.

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