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Annual Church Budget: A Road Map for the Coming Year

Pray through every line item. We should not expect God to work through the budget unless it gets special attention through prayer.

Your Church Needs Bigger Shoes

The story of Faith Community Church and its SMLLC, Faith Outreach Ventures, showcases the advantages of strategic legal structuring in broadening the influence and efficacy of the church’s mission.

A Looming Challenge Too Large to Ignore

For every older donor who dies, moves to a different state or otherwise leaves a church, how many millennial or Gen Z donors will be required to replace the loss of that donor’s consistent giving?

5 Ways to Protect Your Church From an IRS Audit

When scrutinizing your church's activities, confirming that every ministry and department directly corresponds to the church's core mission is essential.

7 Tax Rules Churches Must Know for Year-End Giving Receipts

For church members to claim a tax deduction, they need bank records or a written donation receipt. Churches must follow specific rules when issuing these receipts.

Important Year-End Considerations

There are noteworthy updates and considerations that you should incorporate into your 2023 records.

Giving and Receipts: What You Need to Know

Ongoing donations are vital to most nonprofits, but it’s not always easy to get people to give to your cause, and it’s been challenging with the most recent financial challenges facing churches and ministries today.

Survey: Race and Gender in Fundraising

The national sample of 1,010 evangelical Protestants was shown the same ad, but the child pictured was either Asian, Black, Latino, or White.