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A Looming Challenge Too Large to Ignore

For every older donor who dies, moves to a different state or otherwise leaves a church, how many millennial or Gen Z donors will be required to replace the loss of that donor’s consistent giving?

The 2024 State of Church Giving Report Now Available

Despite an overall increase in giving, the report showed that 55% of churches reported a decrease in giving due to inflation.

Teach Me How to Give

7 keys for helping your congregation catch the vision of sacrificial giving.

What Are the Dangers of Designated Giving?

Letting donors dictate where their funds are allocated can cause at least five key problems to arise.

How to Navigate the Awkwardness of Asking People to Give

The reason you need to talk about money is more about what you want for people than what you want from them.

6 Ways to Boost First-Time Giving

Founder of MinistryPass.com, church leader Justin Trapp (JustinTrapp.com) provides pastors with tools and resources to craft meaningful sermons in less time. Here he shares...

Pivoting Your Church Budget

As we continue in this Ministry Pivots Series during this season of COVID-19, we have to look at how our ministry budgets need to...

Digital-Savvy Churches See Consistent Giving During Pandemic

Givelify has released a new report that explores how giving to churches has changed during the pandemic. Giving In Faith: How Coronavirus Widened the...