Research: Americans Most Want to Avoid Fear and Anxiety

An Opportunity to Share the Hope of Christ
pluralistic worldview

Pluralistic Worldview Growing Among American Christians

Survey Stresses the Importance of Biblical Teaching
support of pastors

Research: Majority of Pastors Feel Supported by Other Local Pastors

Digging in to Pastors’ Relationships With One Another
importance of denominations

Pastors Value Denominations Now, Not as Sure About the Future

As many Protestant denominations prepare to gather this summer for their national meetings, most pastors believe it is vital for their church to be part of a denomination but doubt the importance of those types of ties lasting another decade.

Encouraging Signs for the Post-Pandemic Church

A glimpse of people’s church experience during COVID and their intentions for church participation post-COVID

Research: America’s Religious Realignment

Major changes in America's faith profile

Research: Church Closings and the Need for More New Churches

In 2019 church closings outpaced church openings.

Research: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism on the Rise

According to new research from the Cultural Research Center, although 3 out of 4 people (74%) who lean substantially on MTD for life guidance consider themselves to be Christians, numerous beliefs held by MTD-reliant adults conflict with biblical teaching.

Research: How the Pandemic Changed Churchgoers’ Discipleship Habits

Churchgoers were less likely to be involved in small groups during the pandemic, but many added some digital and individual activities to their discipleship routines.

Grief, Memorial and Hope

At a time of great national loss the church has an opportunity—and a responsibility.
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