Research: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism on the Rise

According to new research from the Cultural Research Center, although 3 out of 4 people (74%) who lean substantially on MTD for life guidance consider themselves to be Christians, numerous beliefs held by MTD-reliant adults conflict with biblical teaching.

Research: How the Pandemic Changed Churchgoers’ Discipleship Habits

Churchgoers were less likely to be involved in small groups during the pandemic, but many added some digital and individual activities to their discipleship routines.

Grief, Memorial and Hope

At a time of great national loss the church has an opportunity—and a responsibility.

Research: The Shifting Views of Americans on Meaning and Purpose

As Americans attempt to move past the life-altering effects of 2020, their perspective is shifting on some of the most significant questions facing humanity. A study from Nashville-based Lifeway Research...

Research: U.S. Church Attendees Plan to Return Post-Pandemic

When COVID-19 is no longer an active threat to people’s health, 91% plan to attend in-person worship services at least as often as they did before the coronavirus pandemic. That includes almost a quarter (23%) who plan to attend more than they did previously.

Majority of Churchgoers Proud of Church’s Pandemic Response

Almost 9 in 10 Protestant churchgoers (86%) say they are proud of how their church has responded during the coronavirus pandemic, with 58% strongly agreeing.

ECFA Releases Research on Financial Outlook for Churches and Nonprofits

“Remarkable Resiliency” is based on 1,292 survey responses.

10 Characteristics of Churches That Attract Young Adults

For churches that want to retain teenagers into adulthood, these traits matter.

Study: Pastors Hesitant to Preach on Race

Close to 1 in 6 pastors (16%) admit they have not addressed racial reconciliation from the pulpit in the past two years.
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