George Barna

George Barna is a professor at Arizona Christian University and the director of research at the Cultural Research Center at ACU. He also founded the Barna Group and has written more than 50 books, including numerous award-winners and New York Times bestsellers. He is also a senior research fellow at the Family Research Council, has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level, and has pastored two churches. 

Research: Parents Feel Ill-Equipped to Disciple Kids

“If you want a roadmap for how to raise a child to be a spiritual champion,” he explains, “the actions undertaken as part of those four disciple-making practices offer a well-traveled pathway en route to a successful outcome.”

Biblical Worldview Among U.S. Adults Has Declined by 33% Since Start of Pandemic

The number of adults who don’t fall wholly into the biblical worldview category, but still lean that direction, possessing “a substantial number of beliefs and behaviors consistent with biblical principles,” has fallen dramatically, as well.

United We Stand

The primary value that emerged from the 48 unique values was family, with 61% of adults saying that family is a value they would be willing to fight or even die to protect or preserve.

Key Beliefs and Behaviors Show Where Born-Again Christian Parents Can Bolster Worldview

A focus on correcting key errant views of born-again Christian parents could significantly improve their worldview, help them to become more godly parents and might even spark a revival in the next generation.

American Parents Lack Robust Faith to Share with Kids

Shockingly few parents intentionally speak to their children about beliefs and behavior based upon a biblical worldview.