in-person worship

The Group Most Likely to Still Be Missing From Your Church

As of September 2021, only 3 in 4 churchgoers have returned as their churches have reopened.
young people and religion

Young People and Religion in 2022

COVID-19 will disrupt lives and relationships forcing young people to explore new and innovative ways to explore their religious and spiritual identities.
ministry needs

U.S. Pastors Identify Their Greatest Needs

People’s apathy or lack of commitment ranked as the No. 1 issue that needed to be addressed.
church satisfaction

Churchgoers Mainly Content With Their Church

New Study Reveals Evangelicals Are Largely Satisfied with Their Church, But Would Still Like to See Some Changes.
rise of the nones

Nones Just Keep Rising

The verdict is in: God, yes. Religion, no.
new year's resolution

New Year’s Resolutions Focus on Health, God and Money

The pandemic may have encouraged more people to make changes outside of the annual reminder a new year brings.
ministry opportunities

Most Churches Taking On New Ministry Opportunities During Pandemic

Congregations display creativity and resilience as they address their communities' changing needs.
online services

Online Services Expanded Reach of Churches During Pandemic

Study shows church participation is in flux.
bible reading

Bible Reading Increased in 2021, Report Says

People are looking for—and finding—help and hope in Scripture.
distrust of christian leaders

Distrust of Christian Leaders Contributing to Millennials’ Growing Ambivalence to Faith

As millennials struggle to make sense of both this world and the next, they are unsure of who they can trust.