5 Ways the Online World Is Hurting Us

The latest findings from social scientists about how the internet is affecting us.

Churchgoers Agree Self-Denial Is Key to Serving Christ

“Being a disciple of Christ is more than a label. It is living out one’s purpose. That purpose is not one we design for ourselves, but one God created for us.”

Trends in New Hispanic Church Plants

As with most other church plants, new Hispanic church works see exponential growth during the first few years.

Study: Christians Split on How Visible Their Faith Is

LifeWay Research: Fifteen percent of Protestant churchgoers strongly assert that matters of faith are a part of their regular conversations with fellow believers.

Study: Many Christians Don’t Consistently Serve Others

"Few Protestant churchgoers say they strongly agree they are personally taking actions that indicate a life of service to God and others."

Poll: Mapping Americans’ Values and Beliefs

Taking the temperature of Americans' beliefs about 21 issues.

Survey: Sexual Misconduct in the Church

Many churchgoers believe there are still more revelations to be exposed, but few know of specific individuals in their church whose misconduct is still hidden.

6 Striking Trends Shaping the U.S. and World

Here are six notable demographic trends that will shape the future of the world and the church.

Research: Pastors Satisfied With Discipleship Efforts

Nearly two-thirds (65%) say they are satisfied with the state of discipleship and spiritual formation in their local church.

What Are Pastors’ Views on Illegal Immigration?

While 80% of pastors today say the government has the responsibility to stop illegal immigration, that’s down from 87% in a 2014 LifeWay Research survey.