How to Stay in Good Standing With the State

Make sure you file this state report to keep your church's status from being suspended.

Why a Clear Succession Plan Is Essential

Having a clear succession plan laid out in your church's bylaws is a must.

Tips for Starting a Satellite Campus Across State Lines

There are some things you need to know if you're considering ministering across state lines.

Consider Hiring Church Specialists Online

For projects that require specialized skills, consider hiring online.

6 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Team

Here are some key ways to motivate your team, but remember no list can replace a genuine care for your team.

Should You Consider a Church Merger?

Here are some pivotal questions and considerations for any church thinking about merging with another.

Tools for Outreach: Ministry Consulting

Whatever the size of your church, there is a wealth of expert consulting services to fit your needs.
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