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Compassion and Justice

Humanitarian Jesus

Christian Buckley and Ryan Dobson: Social Justice and the Cross

The Tough Conversation All Churches Must Have

As much as we might like to ignore the LGBTQ conversation, we no longer have that luxury.

What the Prophet Amos Had to Say About Economic Justice

We can gather a great deal of insight on how God feels about economic injustice from the prophet Amos.

Challenging My Assumptions of ‘Normal’

I thought I was above systemic racism, but in my assumptions about "normal" I discovered I was complicit.

Orphan Care: The Unexpected Difference You Can Make

Johnny Carr: "Many churches view orphan care as a 'project,' but biblically, the church is the agent God has set in place for orphan care."

Racial Division: A Problem as Old as the Church

Racial division is not simply a social issue but a moral and spiritual issue.


Christine Caine: Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do

Adam Gustine: Becoming a Just Church

Cultivating Communities of God's Shalom