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Compassion and Justice

8 Ways You Can Help Immigrants

These methods for reaching out to immigrants and refugees can go a long way toward making them feel welcome.

Why Our Value Comes From Love

We need to be reminded that we are loved simply for who we are, and not what we do.


Noel Brewer Yeatts: Doing a World of Good One Person at a Time

Resurrection City

Peter Goodwin Heltzel: A Theology of Improvisation

Transcending Racial Trauma and Fear

There is also strength in numbers when people of color show up en masse.

Humanitarian Jesus

Christian Buckley and Ryan Dobson: Social Justice and the Cross

Jesus is Bigger than Our Wounds, Our Wars and Our Words

We must confront issues of race with sincere love, grace and truth grounded in Christ.

Beyond Colorblind

Sarah Shin: Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey

Redeeming Our Ethnic Journey

Our world is in need of a gospel that goes beyond colorblindness, and isn't afraid to address ethnic differences.