Miles McPherson: ‘Our Culture Unfortunately Reaps What It Has Sown’

“I’m excited for the opportunity to reap the harvest as our culture unfortunately reaps what it has sown.”

Each year, we speak with several Outreach 100 pastors in an effort to collect their honest observations about the church, their ministries and their experiences.

The Rock Church in San Diego, California

I have learned the importance of spending time with God at the start of every day in order to prepare my heart to seek him all day. My personal devotion is the foundation upon which I can make all the decisions I have to make and carry the stress of life.

One of my biggest influences has been Mike MacIntosh, pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship, who set the foundation for my faith journey and understanding of how to trust and mobilize people to do the work of the ministry. Horizon Christian Fellowship had countless ministries, most led by volunteers, and that was a game changer for me to see, experience and be a part of. It played a critical role to inspire me to start a Bible study at my house, which turned into me becoming a youth pastor and eventually, a pastor.

There’s always a little truth in criticism and praise so I ask God how he wants to use it in my life to make me more like him.

I’m concerned about the marginalization of the church’s power and the lack of powerful challenges to society to come back to God. I’m excited for the opportunity to reap the harvest as our culture unfortunately reaps what it has sown.

Due to our lack of faith in God, we are experiencing more violence and division, and as a result, people are living in fear more than ever before.

From Outreach Magazine  The Oikos Principle

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San Diego, California
Twitter: @MilesMcPherson
Founded: 2000
Affiliation: Nondenominational
Locations: 5
Attendance: 13,501
Largest: 24